Friday, June 26, 2009

Close Run-In With a Cop

Working for a summer camp, my days are very long over the summer. Last week, I was driving home from Small Shed Flatbreads and the nearby coffee shop in downtown Mill Valley. It had been a long day...

I was almost to my office to drop some paperwork off when I started to notice flashing lights in my rearview mirror and then the sound loud sound of "Please pull over." I swore under my breath and pulled over, not exactly sure what I had done. I assumed that I had been speeding but really didn't think this was the case... Anyways...

The tall cop came up to my window and asked how I was doing. I replied with a truthful statement that I also hoped might help me get out of the impending ticket, "I'm alright but I really have to go to the bathroom!" The cop seemed to somewhat register this statement but he continued with his questioning. When he asked for my license, proof of insurance, and registration, I rummaged through the glovebox for my registration but was too frazzled to find it. 

Then, he asked what I was up to. I probably answered with way more info than he wanted to hear but I explained the camp I work for, the summer locations, the long hours, etc. He finally informed me that I'd run a stop sign (which I had not seen) and that I should have known where this stop sign is because I live in town. I was tempted to tell him that I almost never drive back from downtown so don't know the stop signs but I decided that the more I could agree with him, the better.

Finally, he said he'd let me off with a warning and that he'd assume that I'd just run the stop sign because "I really had to pee!" Phew! Sure, it was a little embarrassing telling a male you "gotta go" but this time it saved me what could have been a pricy ticket!

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