Thursday, April 23, 2009

Introducing Ruggles

Since Ruggles is one of the most important boys in my life, I wanted to more formally introduce him. He's the barker and I'm the typer so he unfortunately can't introduce himself without a sound bite...

Right before Thanksgiving 2008, I rescued Ruggles from WonderDog (, an amazing organization in San Francisco. Poor little Ruggles had a very runny nose and was too timid to even walk without being carried. Luckily, Linda at WonderDog had already started nursing him back to health. I was actually volunteering with WonderDog for the day and playing with all the dogs. However, Ruggles and I connected very quickly. When people kept asking if he was up for adoption, I started by saying "maybe," but an hour later was saying, "No, actually, I'm adopting him!" The picture above is of Ruggles and me on the day I met him... I've never fallen in love with something/someone so fast.

Now, he is a happy, healthy, active, hyper boy. He is incredibly affectionate towards me, my friends, children and many other dogs. He loves to fetch a ball, cuddle with me, sleep, and go to the park. The picture above shows him cuddling with his doggy best friend/girlfriend, Lizzie. They wrestle, chase each, other, play, cuddle, and kiss. While Ruggles is about half of Lizzie's size, he is strong and can pull her around the room while they play tug-of-war with a rope!

This is just a little snippet of who Ruggles is and how much he means to me...


  1. Yay for yoru blog and yay for Ruggles! He is precious! It makes me with I had a dog! I checked out the website too! (you know you can make it a clickible link so people can click and go right to the page!)

  2. What a sweet looking dog. And yay to you for rescuing him! Can't wait to hear more about Ruggles and his adventures.